Writing a  CV their own is very important for the students. The students should summarize all their qualifications on the CV. There are various places where a student may have to show his CV . So, today we will discuss how to write a student CV . We will also discuss why writing the CV of a student is important. Also, we will discuss some points that should be kept in mind while writing a CV . Finally, we will talk about the pathshala soft and how it can help educational institutions.

How To Write A Student CV

For writing a cv, there are many things that must be included in cv. Today we will discuss in detail how things should be included in the student cv


The cv should have the name of the cv writer. He should also have the name of his father, mother, and local guardians.

Phone and email

Besides the name, phone number and email should also be mentioned in the cv. So, that if anyone wants to contact the student, he can do it easily. Phone numbers and email will help the business institution to find the person easily.

Other things like Religion, Gender, etc.

Also in a cv, things like religion, gender, nationality, place of living should also be mentioned. One thing that should be noted while writing a cv that all the information must be accurate.

Present and permanent address

The present and permanent address should be clearly written on the student cv.

Educational institution

Writing educational qualification is also very important when one writes a cv. The student should mention his educational qualifications like high school, college, or University. The student should also mention the result of his educational qualification. For instance, if he is studying at a University, he should mention what his CGPA is in the University.


The hobby of the student should also be mentioned in the cv.


The student cv should also include the experience of the student. The experience may include the places where he had worked. Even the students who had not worked in any places can include tuition as their experience.


A person should also add languages to his cv.

Languages are very important for any office. Specially if a person is not fluent in English, it becomes very hard for him to get a job.

Languages like Chinese, Spanish, etc. are also very important. In Bangladesh, a lot of people are doing business with the Chinese. So, if any applicants know Chinese, it will be very good for the company that works with the Chinese. So, adding languages can give extra benefits to the student applicant.

Computer Skills

Computer skills should specially be mentioned in the cv. For instance, if the student knows about running software like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint; it is an extra qualification for him.

Knowing computer is like a must requirement in the job nowadays. Almost each and every office uses a computer for their work. So, mentioning the skills of computers will add an extra point to the student cv.

Achievements and extra curriculum activities

Any achievement should be mentioned in the cv. For instance, winning any price or trophy in an event can be added as an achievement.

Also, if the student is involved in any extra curriculum activities, it should also be mentioned. For instance, if he had worked with any club, it should be clearly mentioned in the cv.

Adding achievements and extra curriculum activities helps to strengthen the cv of a student.


Reference is also very important in a cv. The cv may reach the hand of many people who may not personally ascertain if the student had given the right information about himself in the cv or not.

But if he gives reference, then it is very easy to ascertain about the information given in the cv. Many students make a mistake here and give the designations of their relatives as a reference. But giving the name of a relative will not make the cv stronger.

It is better to use professionalism while referencing in the cv. For instance, if a student had done any job, he can give the reference of his previous boss. But if he had not worked with anyone before, he can give a reference to his teacher.

There should be at least two references while writing a cv. A reference should include the name, the official post he holds, and his phone number.

Adding a strong reference in the cv helps to make the cv stronger.


Attachments can be added with the cv. These attachments can be mark sheets, previous working certificates, or any certificate achieved by the student.

So, these are the things that should be written in a student cv.

Why writing the cv of a student is important

Writing a cv is very important for any student. A student can reflect on his qualifications and achievements while writing a cv.

Also, writing a cv will help him to prepare for the future. By writing a cv, he can understand the qualifications he should have to get a job.

Also, if he shows the cv to other people like teachers, they might add a few more information there.

A cv also helps to write the academic qualifications of a student up to date.

Some points that should be kept in mind while writing a cv

There are some points that must be kept in mind before writing a cv. For instance, if the company the applicant had wanted specifically any qualifications to be added to the cv, it should have been added.

A company may have some specific works that the employee must know to work with. For instance, many companies would want their employees to know skills like Microsoft Excel. So, they may give a job vacancy by specifically mentioning to write the skills level of Microsoft Excel.

While applying for jobs, an employee should specially keep in mind this kind of matter.

Also, a cv that had 2-3 pages is not good to look at. A cv should be short. It would be best if it can be finished within 1 page. The cv should summarize the qualifications of the candidate.

The font of the cv should be a popular font like Times New Roman or Arial. Any font that is unknown should not be used in the student cv.

If a cv is to be sent by email, it should be in the Microsft Word Format. Microsft Word is officially used in most of the offices. So, using Microsoft Word for writing the cv will be better.

Pathshalasoft and educational institution

Pathshalasoft is a software company. It makes software to modernize the education sector. Pathshalasoft had built software that would help the educational institution in its academic works. It will also help the educational institution in many education-related works too.

This software is able to record digital attendance, publish results, give grades to the students. All of these works can save a lot of time for the teachers. The teachers can more concentrate on their students by using this software. It will also help to do work faster. So, a lot of time will also be saved while using this software.

Besides this, the software can also make online admission, secure the data and record the payment of fees. By using this software, educational institutions can save a lot of money.

This software can be used in schools, colleges, universities, Qawmi madrassah, Alia Madrassah, and educational institutions like that. If you want to have this software, you can contact us. You can also try a free demo to understand how this software works.

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