There are several ways for a student to earn money in Bangladesh. Students can offer tuition, freelancing, business, etc, to earn money as a student. But unfortunately, many of the students don’t find a proper guideline to earn money in Bangladesh. So, today we will discuss in delta how to earn money as a student in bangladesh. We will also be discussing why it is difficult to get a job as a student. Also, we will know about pathshalasoft and how it plans to change the educational sector of Bangladesh.

How To Earn Money As A Student In Bangladesh

Offering tuitions

This is by far the most popular way in which student makes money in Bangladesh. Specially, the students of Universities offer tuition in their leisure time.

Students offer tuitions to subjects that they are experts at. For instance, if a student knows English very well, he can offer tuition in English.

Many of the students had a common problem regarding tuition. Their problem is that they don’t get tuition easily. This problem can be solved by advertising for tuitions in a professional way. Like giving ads on papers.

A student should maintain his time in the tuition and had to be professional.


Freelancing is also one of the most popular ways through which students can make money. Freelancing is a vast field. A student should know about particular skills to do freelancing.

Web design and development, Graphic design, SEO, content writing, etc are some of the fields of freelancing. If a student wants to do freelancing, he must learn these skills personally. Our education system doesn’t offer any course to learn this kind of work to do freelancing.

The student can learn about this skill from any academy or from the internet. On YouTube, there are many channels where things like web design can be learned for free. So, a student can learn about these things from YouTube without spending any money.

But some of the students want to learn it on a more advanced level. Some of the students may want to have a certificate of the courses they had completed. But it is very difficult to find an advanced level of learning on YouTube. Also, learning from YouTube will not give any certificate to the learner.

Students who want to earn certificates or want to learn advanced level on a subject can do paid courses. Udemy, Udacity, Coursera provides paid courses with a certificate. Also, they have advance levels of education material for subjects like graphic design, SEO, etc.

After achieving skills, the student may do freelancing with local or foreign companies. Starting a freelancing career with any local company will be better. It will help a student to learn many new things.

He can find different works for freelancing by searching in relevant Facebook groups. It is the most popular way to get connected with local people to get jobs. If a student wants to do graphic designing as a freelancer, he should search in Facebook groups related to graphic designing.

Many people submit vacancies for the freelancer to do any particular job. A student can start his freelancing career with these local companies.

A student can also do freelancing in foreign companies. But, for that, he would need a few things. For instance, a bank account, a NID, or passport to open an account there.

It is very difficult to get a NID or a bank account for students who are below 18 years of age. They can use their parent’s bank account and NID to start freelancing with foreign clients.

A student can search for international freelancing jobs on websites like Fiverr, Upwork. Besides these websites, there are also other websites where a student can look for international freelancing jobs.

A student can earn money in Bangladesh from these websites. Knowing the skills properly, submitting the project on time, etc are the key to the success of a freelancer.

Selling animals

Students who live in villages selling animals can be a game-changer for them. Selling animals

can be started with very little investment.

A student can buy some animals like goats, sheep or cows. He should feed them, take care of them. When they grew up, the students can sell the animals and earn money.

A student can also do fishing to earn some money.

The problem with many of the students is that they don’t want to do selling animals at all. Some of them think that it will be insulting for them to sell animals while studying.

But selling animals besides studying is not a shameful thing at all. They should take the profession proudly. Also, before starting this profession of selling animals, a student should learn bits of knowledge of animals.

He should know the market price, food, various disease, etc of the animal. This business can be a game-changer specially for the students who live in the villages.

Online e-commerce business

Opening an online e-commerce shop is very easy. Students can start selling his product even from a Facebook change.

In the coronavirus pandemic, many students had turned to online selling. Many students had sold things like laptops, mobile phones, or food items online.

Setting up an online shop is very much easier. Students can sell and promote their business from social media sites. Also, no license needs to be issued for online business.

Online e-commerce had been a big hit since services like bKash, Nagad had arrived in Bangladesh. The payment process had become much easier. A product can be delivered online from one place to another through courier service very easily.

Remote job

A remote job is a kind of job where the works can be done while sitting at home. A student can earn money by doing remote jobs.

There are many online websites like LinkedIn that have many remote job offers. Many companies worldwide are changing their traditional style of jobs. In the age of globalization, people can easily be connected through the internet.

The co-operation between the employees can be done through the internet. A benefit of the remote job is that employees can save a lot of time. They don’t have to come to offices to do their job and that saves a lot of time.

Also, companies can also save their money by not giving a huge amount of rent for the office. Remote jobs are a golden opportunity for the students to earn money from Bangladesh.

While sitting in Bangladesh, students can do these remote jobs in any country in the world. Most of the jobs that can be done remotely are computer-related works. So, specializing in computers is very important for the students.

Part-time job

Part-time jobs may also be a good opportunity for the students to earn money.

Students had to do their studies. So, doing a full-time job besides continuing their study would be a very difficult task for them. The solution to this can be doing part-time jobs.

For doing part-time jobs, a student had to give few hours in a day. These part-time jobs can be in an office, hotel, or any other place.

Part-time jobs are very difficult to handle for a student. A few hours of the day he had to keep for this job. Also, it becomes more difficult when it comes to the time of exams.

The main aim of a student should be studying hard. If part-time jobs are bothering his study, he should discontinue them. But if he can manage part-time jobs, then the student of Bangladesh can earn money by doing part-time jobs.


An internship can be called to a service where a few amounts of money or no money would be given to the employees but the employees can avail themselves the experience of working in the office.

An internship may not be a direct source of earning a large amount of money. But a hardworking student can make it a stepping stone to earn money.

In Bangladesh, it is difficult to get jobs without any experience. But doing an internship in a company will help him to enrich his cv. This internship may open a lot of opportunities for him in the future.

Besides that, many of the companies give some amount of money to the interns. Getting an internship is a lot easier than getting a full-time job. By doing an internship of 3 to 6 months, the student can strengthen his experience besides getting some money.

Other opportunities

The student can open a shop or do businesses like that. Doing any kind of business will help him to learn more things. His experience will be enriched.

Even if the student fails in his job or opportunity; he must remember that student life is the learning period of life. All other works are secondary except study in student life. So, even if a student fails in his job or duty, he should not feel guilt. Rather he should take it positively and learn life lessons from there.

Why getting a job is difficult for a student

In Bangladesh, the education system’s main focus remains on bookish knowledge. The practical work opportunity in the education system of Bangladesh is very few. So, a company or business is more interested in taking experienced candidates for jobs rather than fresh graduates or existing students.

But, this situation can be changed. If the student gains experience in his student life, he can get jobs. He can do internships in companies to avail experience.

Nowadays, club culture had become a common phenomenon in educational institutions. A student can learn many things and gain knowledge by joining clubs. Students can choose a club that fits with their career goals.

Pathshalasoft in the education sector in Bangladesh

Pathshalasoft is a renowned software development company in Bangladesh. It is working for the betterment of the education system of Bangladesh. The expert, hardworking software developers of Pathsahalasoft had developed software for educational institutions.

The software developed by Pathsalasoft can be used in schools, colleges, universities, madrassah, etc places. This software can help to record digital attendance, acceptance of payment, online admission. An educational institution can save a lot of money by using this software.

Besides these works, it can also give grades, publish results and keep the data stored. The data stored in this software is completely safe and secure. Using Pathshalasoft will help to save the precious time of an educational institution. The teachers can remain more focused on the students using this software.

You can contact us to try a free demo of this software. After trying the demo, if you like this software, you can contact us.