School management software is such kind software which manages school management digitally which had done before manually. It includes students attendance, holiday calendar, results, the reason of absence, teacher performances, a survey on courses pros and cons. Exam schedule, marks, multiple campus management school college management software bd etc.

Bangladesh is underdeveloped country many parts of the countries hardly have power system so managing school management software is prodigy for them. Again many teacher or clerk of the schools are unaware of the computer so thinking about this is a daydream for many parts of Bangladesh. Many English medium schools and some reputed school of divisional city nowadays are managing database mostly Microsoft some is an oracle. But the number is very scanty in proportion and it should be increased for reducing hassle

School college management software bd

A government should offer pieces of training and software to the schools so that they can be used to with it and sooner or later if this trend continues most of the school will be digitalized and students guardians and teachers will be satisfied for avoiding trifle among themselves.

We have little resources but if we can make a good use of it than we can easily make digital Bangladesh. Where all the kids can learn computer from the very beginning they can be a good asset through this process and school can be monitored easily which will reduce corruption and negligence of teachers who like to give time his/her private batch rather class. And thus our education system will be improved school college management software bd.