ZoomIT is here to transform students’ lives by administering registration, financial assistance, advising, and other services in an efficient manner using our outstanding school management tool.

A contemporary, user-friendly experience is offered via our Student management system. Transparency about your student’s progress on the road to success will empower them in their learning process.

Instructors and staff can easily monitor their pupils at a glance and keep track of attendance thanks to automatic rosters. Additionally, benefit from adaptable features like contactless check-in, email messaging, reminders for classes, and printed class rosters.

Best School Management Software In Bangladesh

Here’s why our University management software is a quality one in Bangladesh:

  • Manage Classrooms with simple waitlists, class cancellations, and transfers.

  • A digital class link allows you to effortlessly join the class and teach Online 

  • Track attendance or monitor your students using our check-in and check-out function. Additionally, export attendance data in a few simple steps.

  • Keep note of details like the contact information of students

Best School Management Software

Apart from offering outstanding management of school operations, we also provide quality training to help you learn using this application: 

Best-in-class assistance for continual learning

You won’t miss a chance to learn, thanks to our training videos and continuing webinars.

Comprehensive assistance area

Get immediate access to detailed instructions for every feature.

Individual onboarding

Learning our software is as simple as water with the help of our passionate onboarding staff!

Free School Management Software

This school management system was built on a cutting-edge system and tailored for higher education.  It will help you obtain comprehensive institutional knowledge about each student so you can create an action plan and meet their requirements.

Free University Management Software In Bangladesh

Improve every aspect of your admissions procedure with ZoomIT school management software. Our collaborative approach to admission streamlines the process for families, enables you to improve your efficiency, and provides you with access to unparalleled data you can’t find anywhere else. This includes tracking and examining potential applications.

Erp School Management Software

You may get rid of those annoying, time-consuming activities that frequently take up the bulk of your day during the hectic admission season with the aid of ZoomIT College management software, which has a thorough understanding of the private and independent school admission system.

For families, there is a consolidated application procedure.

Parents and guardians may use one account to ask about and submit applications for multiple children using ZoomIT ERP Education management software. ZoomIT makes it simple to submit forms, schedule events, and more!

Online University Management Software

Our software for managing schools can be configured innumerably.

ZoomIT is aware of the individuality of every school. You can provide your families the most individualized admission experience possible by using your own questions, forms, events, and more using ZoomIT.

Our school’s management system is a great tool for maintaining simplicity and order. One duty that could need a lot of room and time is keeping track of everything that occurs in a school. Our SMS would quickly assist a school in this circumstance become more organized and productive.

School Management Software Dhaka

The administration of educational institutions may assess, access, link, and coordinate learning activities easily thanks to our school management system (SMS).

By automating administrative activities, this kind of software is meant to assist educational institutions with their daily operations.

Everything from applications and class registration to thorough performance monitoring and financing are included in our school management software.

Management of the administration frequently includes both the school and the student. We also offer features like facilities management, supplies, and inventories that can aid with day-to-day operations.

Pathshala School Management Software

Pathshala is one of our best creations. Here are some things you should consider about this outstanding software. 

Pathshala is tailored to a certain student level. Designs for elementary schools are typically more colorful, appealing, and as far from boring as is humanly possible.

While the utility and efficacy of usage are important considerations in higher education design.

After that, the school creates a school management system access database with all the data that must be accessible to teachers and pupils.

Offline School Management Software

The Offline School Management Software should be used by schools since it greatly simplifies their workload.

Offline College management software is necessary in a range of educational institutions to manage the framework, program, curriculum, and communications as well as to provide robust reporting and analysis to keep track of all operations.

For educational institutions, our offline Education management software is essential since it offers a wide range of advantages, the majority of which come from centralized data administration and accessibility.

Data on students may can be saved, managed, and retrieved more readily by teachers. Parents are now more informed about their child’s academic success.

Private School Management Software

There are several benefits to using a private school management system that encourages operational effectiveness and interaction between parents, teachers, and students.

The primary strategies for our school management system organizations’ benefits are as follows:

Saves Time

Administrative duties are eliminated, saving teachers significant time. This is accomplished by automating time-consuming processes like taking attendance, preparing class schedules and so on. In addition to helping teachers and principals, the Private School Management Software provide a number of reports, saving money in the process.

Making the most use of modules for transportation, online fee collecting, pay slip creation, and other functions can help directors save time.

Prepares Stunning Reports

The diversity of reports created by the software, which can be used to make rapid and accurate choices, is the main benefit of Private College Management Software.

The best reports may be produced using these technologies in conjunction with the school administration system.

Top School Management Software

Our Top School Management Software’s main objective is to handle real-time data from the point of student admission until the day the student leaves the school.

The student participates in a range of classes and tests throughout this time.

All of the data, including attendance, teacher notes, and various other details pertaining to the students at the school, is gathered and kept up to date by our top Education management software.

Additionally, preparing timetables is the most time-consuming activity in a school, and the timetable module of the school ERP system aids in the creation and upkeep of a variety of schedules.

Teachers and administrators may design plans and schedules using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

The created schedules will be made available as a school schedule, teacher schedule, class schedule, and institutional schedule.

School Management Software Erp

With our school management software, the usage of biometric technologies for monitoring student transportation and attendance works effectively.

Thanks to this technology from ZoomIT, guardians will get the chance to learn where their children are in real-time using smartphone applications.

When a student enters or leaves the transit zone, as well as the beginning and ending times of the journey, SMS alerts are sent.

Our school management software also offers a selection of more focused elements to help with course and class grouping, curriculum planning, and recognizing their distinctive qualities. It is frequently the simplest element of College management software.

A schedule for both in-person and online sessions is also included.

Because of all these reasons ZoomIT is a quality provider of Education management software in Bangladesh.