To organize an Alia Madrasa efficiently, the authority should use congruent software like ZoomIT. This kind of software is essential to track and handle all the admissions procedures with no mistakes. Eventually, the authority can check all the application data and manage them as they prefer.

To ensure the best-in-class Qaumi Madrasa classes, the authority can improve the online students management and teaching system with this Alia Madrasa Management software. It’s indeed useful in all teaching and authoritative aspects.

E-Alia Madrasa Management Software

E-Alia madrasa management system refers to the online-based Alia madrasa where students need to attend via online application. For this purpose, ZommIT can be like a revolution in the history of Alia madrasa’s online student management system.

Using this software is safe, and the authority members can use it efficiently if they have the least computer operating knowledge. Eventually, the students can join classes and attend examinations through this handy madrasa management software.

Maktab Management Software

ZoomIT also presents the most expedient Maktab Management software features. Maktab refers to small classes for beginners who are starting to learn the Holly Quran. And to maintain the Maktab perfectly, the authority should surely use this application.

This excellently designed software is suitable for urban and rural madrasa authorities to ensure the teaching and authoritative system equilibrium. This unique and digitalized application works even better for online use, and there is no reason to have an enumeration on paper.

Once the madrasa authority completes learning the use of this high-end software, their work will reduce in half. Also, the risk of making clutter because of making a blunder in the budget and accounts.

Maktab Management Solution

Any Maktab authority, both small and large, can use our Maktab Management solution for meticulous management. This Alia Madrasa Management software will make solutions for all online student management issues and remove the stress of managing a large assemblage like a Maktab.

This Online management software indeed offers the following services for Maktab managing community.

This useful and handy software will track the activities of all the students and help the in charges make the overview of their progression.

Tracking the attendance of the students will be easier with this Qawmi Madrasa organizer. Indeed, it will give a weekly or monthly review of all student’s attendance rates.

The class incharges can list each student’s progression and move onward using this unsurpassed institution management software.

Maktab in charges can easily use this software on any device platform without any loading issue.

Maktab Students Management System

Most Moktabs have little kids as their students, and it is pretty much complicated for the changes to assemble them orderly and track their progression. But when they use ZoomIT, the best-in-class students arrangement System, things will be easier and effortless.

Indeed, this high-end Maktab students management System will save their time and help them manage their schedule properly. Besides, the teachers or in charges can showcase the progression report directly to the guardians using this useful Maktab Management solution.

Online Students Management

Online works to manage the student’s accounts become difficult for the Madrasa in charges and authorities, especially during the pandemic. Most of them are not familiar with high-tech world-class online student management software like Google Meet. Indeed, that software only helps the authority to take classes.

But ZoomIT, the best Alia online student management, can do everything, and the in charges won’t find it difficult at all. This expedient Online student management software handles almost everything, including the basic courses. Eventually, this efficient madrasa management software helps both students and teachers from their respective places.